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Re: gnujsp 1.0 design proposal

> "P. Siegmann" wrote:
> I'm currently using openxml, which has a bsd'ish kind of licence IIRC.
BSDish is not always compatible with the GPL. Only modern BSD (without
the advertisement clause) or XFree licenses that don't add extra restrictions
are compatible with the GPL.

OpenXML doesn't seem to be compatible with the GPL since one of the
requirements is: "No fee is charged for the distribution".
But parts of it are also licensed under the W3C license which is compatible
with the GPL. I am a bit confused by the OpenXML licensing.

> I put a link to it on the download webpage, is that ok?
Yes that seems ok. People can then combine GNUJSP and the library themselves.
But the cannot redistribute the combined binary since that would violate
the GPL. Which is a pity since it would be nice to distribute one binary.
But if you make it open enough we could always plug in another implementation.

If you want to be sure about the licensing issue please write to Richard
Stallman <rms@gnu.org>. He is always very responsive to such questions
(but be sure to include the relevant licenses).