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[jcvs] jCVS, Cygwin and SSH (how to make it work)

For anyone who is interested, I got jCVS to talk to my CVS server over

It turns out that the problem is line endings (y'know the old CRLF vs.
LF thing).  Apparently by default when you open a process (like SSH),
stdin and stdout are opened in DOS text mode, and so Cygwin translates
every LF it sees to a CRLF pair.  This means that when jCVS reads the
server response from SSH, the stream has all these extra CR characters
in it, which confuse the hell out of it.  This isn't a problem with the
pserver or RSH modes because jCVS opens those sockets directly.  I'm not
completely sure why it's not a problem for the command-line cvs; I
figure it must just be that when the *nix system calls used by cvs.exe
are invoked Cygwin assumes that they should be handled in the *nix way
(it uses the traditional vfork/exec stuff).

The solution (sort of) is to tell Cygwin to default to binary mode for
all file handles.  You do this by setting the CYGWIN environment
variable to "binmode".  Just put:


in your autoexec.bat for win95/98/ME or just go into Control
Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables and add the variable
there for NT/2000.

The downside of CYGWIN=binmode, if you use Cygwin for other things, is
that it will occasionally open text files in binary mode, causing other
problems.  Most GNU utilities are written for maximal portability and
seem to do the right thing (i.e. they explicitly open files with
appropriate binary or text mode flags).

To make this work, it's still necessary to turn GZIP off, although
WinCVS works just fine with compression on, so this is a flaw in jCVS,
not some additional, deeper problem.  From the behavior it looks to me
like a buffering issue; I don't think jCVS is getting the request to the
server actually pushed out the door, so when it blocks waiting for the
response it waits forever 'cause the server's still waiting for the
request.  I'm going to take a look and see if I can fix it.


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