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The current release of BugRat is 2.5.3, which was released on February 12, 2001. This release has been updated to the Servlet 2.2 API used by Tomcat and J2EE application servers.

BugRat is free Java software that provides a sophisticated, flexible bug reporting and tracking system. BugRat provides the following features:

  • Utilizes relational database for data storage
  • Utilizes JDBC for database access
  • Provides a Servlet interface to the database
  • Allows for reporting bugs via the web
  • Allows for reporting bugs via email
  • Allows browsing and searching via the web
  • Includes Java client for managing the database

You can see BugRat in action on the Giant Java Tree site. The BugRat Report Form is used to report bugs. The BugRat Database Viewer is used to view reports and bugs.


Download the BugRat 2.5.3 release in WinZIP format.

UNIX users, please use the Java jar tool to extract the contents of the ZIP archive.

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